Quality ISO 9001
OHS ISO 45001
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Who we serve

Discover Clarke Diesel has extensive expertise across multiple industries, including retail, commercial/fleet, and defence, and we have a unique role as an authorised Hitachi dealer. We pride ourselves on our versatility and commitment to delivering high-quality mechanical services.


We serve retail customers with a wide range of mechanical needs, from routine maintenance to complex repairs, ensuring their vehicles and equipment are in top condition.

Commercial / Fleet

We specialise in catering to the diverse needs of commercial and fleet operators. Our team of multi-trade experts ensures that your commercial vehicles and equipment are always running efficiently.


As an authorised Hitachi dealer, we provide top-notch service and support for Hitachi machinery and equipment. Our in-depth knowledge of Hitachi products sets us apart in the industry.


We are proud to serve the defence industry with our expertise in mechanical repairs. Our commitment to safety and quality aligns perfectly with the rigorous standards of the defence sector.

Internationally accredited

Quality ISO 9001
OHS ISO 45001
Environment ISO 14001 Badge

At Clarke Diesel, we prioritise safety, quality, and our environment.

Our internationally recognised accreditations, including Occupational Health and Safety ISO 45001, Quality Management ISO 9001 and Environmental Control ISO 14001, underscored this commitment.

These certifications are a testament to our adherence to the highest international standards within our company. Our pledge is to prioritise the safety of our team and clients, deliver our work consistently of the highest quality and ensuring we control environmental impacts.

Our history

Established in 1984, Clarke Diesel was acquired by David Moreno and David Ward in 2010, bringing over 21 years of experience to the business. Our team is highly experienced in all mechanical and auto electrical repairs, serving vehicles from passenger cars to commercial trucks, as well as vessels and generators.

What sets us apart?

  • As a Hitachi dealer, we provide exceptional service and support for Hitachi machinery.
  • We invest heavily in training our team, ensuring they are multi-trade qualified.
  • We hold international certifications for quality and safety management.

Our partners

We’ve formed strategic partnerships with trusted names like Delkor, Yanmar, Penrite, Lombardini Marine, and Kohler to provide you with top-quality products and support. Our alliances ensure that your vehicles and equipment receive the best care and attention.

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