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Our people

Trained & Internationally Certified

At Clarke Diesel, we foster a collaborative work environment that allows our employees to seamlessly navigate across multiple trades, ensuring a holistic approach to solving diverse mechanical challenges.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our team’s training, overseen by our international accreditations – OHS ISO 45001, QMS ISO 9001 and EMS ISO 14001. These certifications underscore our dedication to ensuring that our team operates at the highest safety, quality and environmental standards, allowing our employees to seamlessly navigate across multiple trades while adhering to stringent international guidelines.

Dual or multi-trade qualifications

Our team’s multi-trade qualifications set us apart. Our staff is equipped to handle various trades, making us more efficient and versatile.

Apply for a trade

If you’re passionate about a career in our fields, we offer apprenticeships and training programs to help you develop your skills across multiple trades.

Clarke Diesel Training Awards

We believe in investing in our team’s growth. Through our training programs, our staff achieves success, and this commitment has been recognised with Clarke Diesel Training Awards.

Team & Expertise

At Clarke Diesel, our team is at the heart of our success. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • We invest significantly in training our team, making them multi-trade qualified
  • Our team takes on apprenticeships and continues to upskill
  • Being Hitachi experts allows us to provide specialised support for Hitachi machinery
  • Internationally certified for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS ISO 45001) to ensure the safety of our team and customers
  • Quality Management System (QMS ISO 9001) guarantees the highest quality work
  • Environmental Management System (EMS ISO 14001) controlling our environmental impacts


Training & Careers

We’re committed to the growth and development of our team. Our training programs include:

  • Diesel fitting apprenticeships
  • Auto electrical training
  • Marine trade programs
  • Upskilling opportunities, including forklift and truck licensing, air conditioning certification, and more
  • Training relevant to Hitachi machinery, thanks to our Hitachi dealership
  • First aid/CPR

Our partners

We’ve formed strategic partnerships with trusted names like Delkor, Yanmar, Penrite, Lombardini Marine, and Kohler to provide you with top-quality products and support. Our alliances ensure that your vehicles and equipment receive the best care and attention.

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